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Friday, April 30, 2010

Evolution of Corruption in Miami County Kansas.

I will be writing an extremely long article here. I have had a Sheriffs Office asshole Sgt. pull a gun on me in retaliation for filing a complaint on his wife and brother for illegal gambling. I have been called a "SPIC". I have a lot of information and will update this article soon. I can prove a major set of corrupt events and situations. I will be forwarding this blog page to the Internal Revenue Service on a Form 13909 soon. Herbert West 3rd, Candidate for Kansas Governor, 2010.

**Update** **May 17TH, 2010.**

Where to start. I have witnessed many acts of corruption in Miami County Kansas and at the State level in Topeka. I have witnessed missing children, drugs, illegal gambling and other forms of corruption in Miami County Kansas. I have had a gun put in my face by Sgt. Wayne Minckley with the Miami County Sheriffs Office because he was upset I filed on his family for illegal, "Coin Push Machines". Currently Sheriff Kelly, of Miami County, sets on about 10 boards as well as the Republican Party as a committeeman. He pampers and runs tournaments and raffles which Attorney General Steven Six has deemed, "ILLEGAL", yet Six refuses to stop the Sheriff. The United Way launders money through this county and runs illegal functions as well as raffles and tournaments. If I was to be elected Governor, here is what it entails. I could veto legislation and by the Kansas Constitution would have to give a written reason as to why. Yet all Legislation has to do is get 2/3 of a vote to override the veto. Even if the veto showed that the Legislation is breaking the Law. I don't see to much changing in Miami County or Kansas. I keep seeing bigotry, and corruption. Look at all those staff members at WIBW13. They keep bragging about vacations and exotic trips while the citizens of Topeka starve to death. The United Way takes huge amounts of the donations for paychecks and personal use. The Government contracts with them to steal also. Sen Holland will only continue his opinion and will refuse to acknowledge the citizens of Kansas. Brownback will do the same. I can get back in the race. I just don't want to be known as the Governor who exposed problems, and got paid $110,000.00 a year to show corruption and not be able to stop it because the Kansas Legislation wrote the Laws to screw us over. I have filed complaints with the Internal Revenue Service. I e-mailed a Form 13909 complaint to them. Anyone can do this. E-mail the at eoclass@irs.gov We did not need a tax increase. The Smoking Ban supersedes "Home Rule". I am hoping that people will at least want a Governor who will show them the corruption, expose the corrupted and assist them in filing complaints and assist them in filing "Recall Petitions" to remove Representatives and Senators who break the Law. The party does get to do conventions to do certificates for appointment of vacant elected positions. It is still the Governors ultimate say so. If elected, I would notify the people in the vacant district and let them assist in appointing the next elected replacement of the Representative or Senator they removed by a "Recall Petition". No one can fix all these years of corruption over night. I am at least willing to try and to show you, the Kansas resident who they are, and what they are doing. Who else has even tried to do that? Name anyone! If you want a Governor instead of a 166Th Legislator, let me know. I can refile before June 10TH, 2010 either with a running mate and $1,920.00 or I can refile an Appointment of Treasurer and finalize by June 10Th, 2010. I can also do a "Write In Affidavit" by Nov 2010 for free. Let me know. Thanks as always, Herbert West 3rd, west.herb@yahoo.com 1-913-294-9375.

I am doing better on my blood pressure. It is around 140 over 86. I am still stressed over the corruption and the atmosphere of people just giving up and not wanting much in change. I hope I am wrong. I cannot do this alone, let me know.

**Update** **May 21ST, 2010**

Tournaments and Raffles still are the norm in Miami County Kansas. Lawyers attach themselves to sick people and run illegal raffles for false fundraisers and the local city and county government sits back and allows it. I called the Kansas Attorney Generals Office repeatedly over this and they refuse to stop the illegal activity. The Sheriff and County Attorney as well as the City Attorney are allowing these illegal activity's. Assistant Attorney General, Patrick Martin, is at 1-785-296-2215. The Kansas Lottery is at 1-785-296-5700.

I concepted doing legal tournaments. Example, 16 people pay in $10.00 each. This gives a $160.00 prize. Single elimination games are done and one of those 16 win. I make no money from this tournament. I would make money off of the food court if they choose to buy food or drink. The food court would be off of my restaurant. If the age group tournaments are below 18, their parent signs for them and they collect the winning prize. As long as the prize is below $500.00 and the house, myself doesn't profit from the, "Buy In", it is legal. I can be a, "For Profit" or a "Not For Profit", business. To help people, I would offer time slots or hour too hour sessions where the profits or a percentage of the food court/restaurant profits would go to the sick person. Example, set day/date from 8 am until 8 pm. I would further allow a cash donation can in my business. I would only require that they validate their illness and they verify their financial need as requested.

All the Lawyers and corrupt government in Miami County are doing is "Ambulance Chasing". They find the sick people, attach to them, do illegal raffles for cash, pull .33 cents of every dollar and keep it and continue illegal activity. $33.00 of every $100.00, $333.00 of every $1,000 is stolen from these illegal raffles. It is against the Law to sell or force the sell of raffle tickets for any prize in Kansas, per Attorney General Steven Six. Yet he sits back and allows it to happen. Remember that this election.

**Update** **May 29TH, 2010**


Click onto the "Illegal Gambling Link" on the left.

Also read K.S.A. 21-4303 http://kansasstatutes.lesterama.org/Chapter_21/Article_43/21-4303.html

Also view my other prior site on concepts like this:.


**Update** **May 22ND, 2010**

Oh boy!! Paola PD Officer arrested.




Also remember:..








































I have kept people updated for 3 years. Wonder if this will ever stop.

**Update** August 2ND, 2010**

Gettino got another preliminary hearing, today. It is now August 27TH, 2010 at 1:30 P.M.. http://www.jocosheriff.org/Index.asp?incl=det Type in his last name after you click onto, "Inmate Search", below the picture of the Officer at the desk. Also go to http://www.jococourts.org/ and type in his last name, Gettino. Then click onto "Case Number/Exact Name Search" in the lower left hand corner. Then click onto the name with the Case Number 10CR01221. Then click onto "Case History {ROA}, in the middle, left, of the page. Hope this helps with information.

**Update February 11TH, 2011**

Paola Police Officer Gettino gets 155 months and thus far the Media has refused to update the story. The 4 year old little girl who was raped, doesn't warrant a story update. That is typical Media, "BULLSHIT"!!! See





Advertisement Raffle Update and how Manager Dustin Lansdown at the Walmart in Paola Kansas messed up. Please go to and read the update at the bottom of, "this link here".

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